About us

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Russian culinary traditions with the restaurant “Vitalich”!

For You:

  • a huge selection of Russian dishes;
  • unique interiors;
  • homely atmosphere;
  • special menus and offers for birthday, wedding, anniversary of marriage and other special dates;
  • original dishes for children and “gourmet”;
  • banquets;
  • catering and catering services on motor ships.

Currently, the restaurant “Vitalich” is one of the three best restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod according to the results of the evaluation of visitors and experts.

During its existence, the restaurant has earned the status of a favorite place for both business meetings and leisure of Nizhny Novgorod. At various times, it was visited by almost all prominent Russian politicians, as well as cultural and art workers, who arrived on a visit to our city.

Visitors to the restaurant are people of both high and medium income. Along with expensive dishes on the menu there are dishes at affordable prices, not inferior to the quality of cooking.

Following the old traditions of “Russian festivities” and hospitality, “Vitalich” glorifies Russian cuisine and customs. The restaurant has repeatedly become a platform for holding international festivals of culinary art of the peoples of Europe, as well as competitions of Russian and international level among chefs, confectioners, bartenders and waiters.

In 2018, the Russian restaurant Vitalich celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Limited Liability Company “Triumph” was established in 1992.

Since its foundation, the main task of the company is customer care, expressed in the continuous improvement of the quality of dishes, the expansion of the menu, the development and implementation of original dishes, as well as the improvement of the quality and speed of service and constant training of personnel.

The restaurant has been repeatedly noted by the administration of the city and the region for participating in charity events, days of the city and the region, and a great contribution to the development of the city’s market economy.